The TLALOCNet data center is hosted by Universidad de Guadalajara

The data center contains both TLALOCNet and other contributed data from several regional networks in Mexico. By using the same protocols and structure as the UNAVCO and other COCONet regional data centers, the geodetic community will have the capability of accessing data from a large number of scientific and academically operated Mexican GPS sites. This archive provides a fully querable and scriptable GPS and Meteorological data retrieval point.

TLALOCNet data holdings can also be accessed at
UNAVCO’s data archive

March 12, 2015

The data center is now operational. Some issues regarding the path for FTPing some of the data holdings will be sorted out in the coming days. All other capabilities are fully operational.

For any further information please contact:
Enrique Cabral-Cano
Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM